Inference Training Programme

13th June 13:00 - 16:00

Inference Training is an evidenced based reading comprehension intervention. These three sessions will enable a teacher or TA to implement the strategy effectively for your school.

TBC. £150 p/p (+ £53.50 for resource file if school is new to intervention.)


‘Inference Training’ is a research-based group intervention for KS2 and KS3 pupils with a focus on teaching reading comprehension delivered by teachers or teaching assistants.

This programme has shown accelerated pupil progress, providing an average of 12 months progress in comprehension over a period of just 10 weeks.

Delivered over three half day sessions this programme offers a flexible training opportunity and excellent value for money.

This programme will enable delegates to:

  • Raising attainment in reading for KS2 & KS3 pupils who have age appropriate decoding skills but who are experiencing difficulty acquiring full meaning and enjoyment from their reading .
  • Identify key characteristics of reading comprehension and what barriers to learning there may be.
  • Deliver a structured approach to the teaching of Inference sessions.
  • Apply key principles of nference Intervention in the classroom context.
  • Evaluate impact of the intervention using attainment and progress of pupils.