Pupil Premium use is an area all schools are judged. With increasing emphasis on ‘diminishing the differences’, effective use of any PP income is vital as is evidencing impact and reporting.

An external pupil premium review provides schools with a check on current use of PP and support to develop an action plan for further impact maximisation. It provides a clear and transparent journey which can be invaluable in reporting to and involving governors, evidence of impact and development to OFSTED and an opportunity to involve and develop staff.

WTSA provides NCTL accredited LLEs to conduct a Pupil Premium Review for your school, using an evidence-based approach to assess how much impact your school is making when spending its pupil premium, and to increase its effectiveness.

The review consists of a desktop diagnostic and self-evaluation, followed by a full-day visit by our PP Reviewer and the creation of a report. A further review of the school action plan is carried out, and a half-day Health Check after a 4-8 month period. Attendance at a governors meeting may also be requested by the school.

The charge for a typical External Pupil Premium Review is £2000.

For more information please contact wtsa@wpat.uk