Being a Placement School - School Direct Programme

School Direct is an innovative approach to ITT and a fantastic opportunity for aspiring teachers to 'learn on the job' with the support of experienced teachers and mentors guiding them through the training. The programme has ran since 2014 and produced over 40 primary NQTs, many now employed within Warrington and its surrounding areas, whilst continuing to develop as high quality teachers.

Looking ahead to our next cohort in 2019/2020, we are excited to roll out our revamped training programme and enhanced materials. We also look forward to welcoming and working with new placement schools.

Why we need you:

Through our placement schools, we are able to provide a path into teaching which is different to a traditional University based route. Together we mentor and support trainees, nurturing their development as teachers and professionals. We commit ourselves to ensuring our trainees receive the best quality experience during their time with us, and beyond.

Our programme is supported by an outstanding team of Lead Mentors, who support each of our trainees every step of the way. With regular contact and personalised support available, we have a high percentage of trainees graduating as 'Outstanding' and maintain our 100% pass and employment rate, year on year.

This is all reinforced and supported by the high quality mentoring and experiences offered by our placement schools. The learning opportunities offered in each school are essential for every trainee and the uniqueness of each setting key to their development. Every school adds enormously to the programme when they offer placements and we welcome all schools into our partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many placements do trainees do?Trainees undertake 3 school improvement placements at different settings, of around 40 days, to maximise the range of experience received.

Trainees will have placements in both KS1 and KS2 if undertaking the primary (5-11) route, or placements in Reception and KS1 if undertaking the EYFS (3-7) route, completing a minimum of 120 days.

How many placements is a placement school expected to offer?We require a wide variety of placements and we request a projection from each school of how many trainees they may accommodate in each term. There is no minimum or maximum requirements placed on a school.

What support do we offer the trainees?You will offer a placement with opportunities for trainees to teach. The class teacher will support the trainee on a day-to-day basis, whilst your school based mentor will have weekly meetings to offer guidance on target setting.

What support do we receive from WTSA?We provide termly mentor training sessions, remote mentor support and provide additional visits to support trainees requiring extra help. We aim to be responsive and accessible to support placement schools in any way needed.

What is a School Direct placement?In each placement, trainees join your school team and take part in all elements of the school day - attending staff meetings, supporting parents evenings and leading extra-curricular activities, for example.

Each placement is chosen based on trainees development needs and prior experience with an aim to offer the broadest experience possible and to develop them as teaching professionals.

Also, a trainees area of interest will be considered, for example, if a desire to work in the future in SEN settings, placements with Designated Provision or ASD units will be selected for the individual.

How much do placement schools receive? We pay £400 per trainee per placement. This covers any costs incurred by the school in providing the placement, mentoring and attending mentor training sessions.

How much do trainees teach?
  • In placement 1, trainees will teach 40%.
  • In placement 2, they will teach up to 60%.
  • In placement 3, the trainees will be expected to teach 80% of the time.

For additional information or to view our 'Being a Placement School' leaflet, please click here.