Angela Skelton - Music ITT & NQT Development

Angela graduated with an honours degree in music from Liverpool University in 1986 and later returned to complete a PGCE with music specialism. With experience as a Music Advanced Specialist Teacher, Angela has been supporting schools in the region for over 20 years. As an AST Angela was responsible for delivering music network meetings across the LA to primary music coordinators and through these disseminated updated curriculum news and shared and demonstrated new resources for practitioners to take back to colleagues.

Angela has supported a significant number of schools in a variety of ways. For example, she often delivers and models music lessons, supports in-school subject-leaders to develop schemes of work, provides leadership support for all aspects of teaching and learning, co-ordination and deliver of music projects. Angela is also adept at delivering targeted training and has provided INSET days, NQT/EYFS/KS1&2 training, the use of ICT, class instrumental works and ITT training.