Gemma Callaghan - EYFS, Assessment, Attendance, Phonics, ITT & NQT Development

Gemma has over 10 years of experience working in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Her current role is Deputy Head, EYFS lead and Nursery teacher and is also an EYFS moderator for the Local Authority.

Gemmas teaching and provision is judged as ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED and she frequently welcomes many other EYFS practitioners into her setting - sharing knowledge on planning, environment and assessment.

Through an informal and supportive approach, Gemma has supported and enabled other practitioners and leaders to implement changes in their provision successfully.

As a dedicated and passionate teacher, Gemma has high expectations and a commitment to continually raise standards and outcomes for children. She wishes all children the very best in their Early Years education by ensuring environments are organised, bright, stimulating and offers appropriate challenge for ALL children - both indoors and out.

Experienced and knowledgeable in the use of data, Gemma supplies her school a robust tracking and detailed data analysis so no children slip through the year unnoticed. Gemma, as a result, delivers training sessions to practitioners and senior leaders on effective tracking and also delivers training to Schools Direct students on marking, assessment and feedback.

"I am not a leader who will talk at you; I am a leader that will talk with you. You know your setting, you know your children, and you are the invaluable link that will make it all work."