Jayne Narraway - Phonics

Jayne has been a Deputy Headteacher since 2010 and as a practising class teacher, is fully immersed into the working life of the school at many levels.

A teacher for 22 years, having taught children from Early Years to Upper Key Stage Two, Jayne constantly seeks the best evidence based practice to inform ongoing school improvement for various schools including her own. As an Early Years Moderator for many years, Jayne is now a Key Stage One Moderator.

The commitment to a holistic curriculum and a child-centred approach to education is what motivates Jayne, and she has worked with many schools in order to improve outcomes. In her current school, she has led the school to achieving 100% in their Year 1 phonics screening test by providing a realistic, manageable and consistent approach to the teaching of phonics and spelling across the school. She whole-heartedly believes in the application of phonics across the whole curriculum and understands the pedagogy surrounding Early Years, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

Jayne offers a bespoke support package involving:

  • Coaching linked to observation
  • Audits of the learning environment
  • Team teaching
  • Analysis of data and continuous professional development to ensure a legacy of improvement and the empowerment of staff and phonics champions within the school she supports.