Reducing Teacher Workload:


Warrington Teaching School Alliance is proud to have been named the Lead Teaching School for Workload Reduction in Lancashire and West Yorkshire RSC Region.

We will be actively working to promote the use of the DfE Workload Reduction Toolkit in schools all across the region and also supporting the creation of 8 Case Studies which will be featured on the DfE website.

Support Request: Reducing Teacher Workload
Reducing Teacher Workload:
Resources and Information

The DfE have produced a wealth of resources to support schools to address Workload within schools.

The Workload Reduction Toolkit is split into stages and offers template materials and activities which can be used or edited to suit your stage of progress.

All these resources can be accessed and downloaded via the DfE website. Click here

Get Involved:

Design, Deliver and Evaluate a workload reduction activity in your schools and publish your Case Study on the DfE website

Workload reduction has been a strategic focus for many years with much work taking place to inform the picture of need and to design effective materials and support for schools to impact workload for real teachers on the ground.

This level of research is ongoing and will be supported by the creation of 48 new case studies in 2019/20. WTSA have been tasked with recruiting 8 schools from the Lancashire and West Yorkshire RSC region; 5 Primary Schools, 2 Secondary Schools, 1 Special School.

Recruited schools will attend 3x training days (Summer 18/19, Autumn 19/20, Spring 19/20) led by DfE commissioned researchers supporting schools to design their own workload reduction project and to analyse its impact.

If you are interested in applying to become a case study school please download the below documents and return them at your earliest convenience to

Expression of Interest & Scoring Matrix Form